• Will we have a totalitarian government by 2016?
  • Why have there been so many natural disasters in the last few years?
  • Will there be another terrorist attack worse than 911?
  • Are we really prepared for what’s ahead?
  • Will stocking up on food, guns and supplies be enough to save us?
  • Are we living in the end times?
  • What does God have to say to our nation?

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“Shocking, but true is Deborah Nazemi’s prophetic book, RED ALERT AMERICA, Sound the Alarm! A must-read for every Christian.” Read More


The beautiful and free America that we’ve enjoyed is on Red Alert, and the alarm, or trumpet sound, is meant to awaken us. Since the time Barack Obama took office, we have seen a frightening series of challenges that could lead to the end of freedom in America by 2016.

Truth, scripture, and quotes from Founding Fathers fill this book as you take an enlightening journey through our history from the beautiful godly roots of America until today. See how we gradually kicked God out of our homes, government, and schools. Your perspective will change from fearful to hopeful as you see the path Christians must take if we want to change our course from one of devastation to one of hope for a changed future.


This eye-opening book challenges us to look at our nation through prophetic and historic eyes and carries hope and fresh insight into the possible future of our country.


  • Our nation’s roots matter
  • The 2016 elections won’t save us
  • Hope and change begins with us
  • Continuing the path we are on will bring judgment on America that could be the end of our freedom


  • Barack Obama’s socialized insurance-Obamacare and Hitler’s Nazi Germany have in common
  • True revival really is
  • Barack Obama’s hidden agenda is for our nation


  • Self-reflection, deep soul searching, repentance, and heart-change can save America and bring the beautiful restoration we need in this land of the free


2001: Increased animal attacks on people in America–A tremendous increase in animal attacks since
2006: Our children are targeted for destruction–Many violent attacks have occurred against children and young adults since
2007: Disasters greater than Katrina–Devastating fires, tornadoes & storms have decimated cities since
2008: A frightening agenda meant to cause America to crumble from within–Our economy and freedom are in jeopardy


After a devastating event in my life, I began a life-changing journey that changed my perspective forever and set me free, bringing me to wholeness and purpose. The same path revives individuals and nations.

In 1988 I heard the alarm–the sound of the Lord’s deep heart-cry for America. “My beautiful bride, awaken, arise, and possess this land destined to reach the world with My love.”

If you have ever loved the Lord now or in the past, the message in this book is for you and for those you love. It will challenge your heart. Embracing its message can change your life forever.



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There will be no single leader but God Himself, with many servant-leaders joining together to lead His servants and shine like a lighthouse to a world in darkness.



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Why I wrote

Red Alert America, Sound the Alarm!



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Join the Cities Ablaze Campaign!

Join the Cities Ablaze Campaign!

People from throughout the Austin area and surrounding cities are coming together for a city-wide campaign to win souls! Read More

Terror in America

Terror in America

Several years ago I had a very disturbing dream. In this dream, Osama Bin Laden was in the United States, only he was much younger. He had a beard that was trimmed close to the face and short hair, and his clothing was contemporary. His children were also in the United States, and he was hiding in a Catholic Church. He spoke to me and said he was planning to go to “the school” in early September. I knew he meant American schools. Even while I was sleeping, I was making mental notes to remember these details because they were so disturbing. Read More

Time is Running Out-A Prophetic Warning to God’s People

Time is Running Out-A Prophetic Warning to God’s People

The recent events in Russia, the Middle East, and Africa have been very disturbing. First, one of our ambassadors and the people with him were slaughtered in the American Embassy in Benghazi. Then Russia invaded the Ukraine. Not long ago, ISIS attacked a school in Africa and kidnapped all the girls for sexual slavery or worse. Now in Iraq, thousands of people are being slaughtered for refusing to convert to Islam. Christians are being persecuted and have had to flee from their homes, many of them being forced to watch while their wives and daughters are kidnapped and their children are beheaded and murdered in heinous ways.

Is this the end? Read More

Prophetic Worship

Prophetic Worship

The Plight of Human Trafficking

The problem of human trafficking in America beyond the scope of our ability to fully comprehend. Much public awareness is needed if we are going to make a dent in this issue. On the last show we interviewed people that are closely connected with ministries and organizations that are dedicated to helping these young women and children who have been taken against their will and live in fear and torment daily. Read More

Carry His Light

Carry His Light

Listen to Carry Your Light  Carry Your Light

Since the beginning of time, satan has done everything in his power to disrupt the one-ness we were created for. In John 17, Jesus talks about how important it was to Him that we become one with other believers the same way that He and the Father are one. He knew that once we discover the power of being one, walking in synergy with one another, that nothing would stop the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

America is falling apart at the seams. Read More

Visitation Worship!

Visitation Worship!

Visitation Worship-A   Worship Read More

Awaken The Sleeping Giant

Awaken The Sleeping Giant

Awaken the Sleeping Giant

Let Your Kingdom Come song
Let Your Kingdom Come
Awaken the Sleeping Giant message part 1
Awaken the Sleeping Giant -A
Awaken the Sleeping Giant message part 2
Awaken the Sleeping Giant message-B(1)
I Saw the Lord song
Awaken the Sleeping Giant part 3

Prophetic Word to the Body

Prophetic Word to the Body

December 23, 2007

Continuously pray for revival. America is at a crossroad, and she will not survive without the revival I am preparing. Read More

Face2Face Encounters

Holy Encounters!!! Sometimes we encounter angels… sometimes people are spontaneously healed… we worship until we encounter the presence of God during spontaneous & prophetic worship. He is a holy God! Read More

Awaken the Sleeping Giant

Awaken the Sleeping Giant

Girl SleepingImagine what you would do if you had a child with a heart condition, and your child suddenly took a turn for the worse in the middle of the night. You rush to the hospital, hoping that she survives long enough to get treatment. Read More

Reach Out America Conference

Deborah LogoDeborah’s Florida Reach Out America conference was a success. Hearts were turned and brought closer to the Lord. There was an infusion of His presence, and physical healing. One of the attendees was healed of a chronic back pain at one of the services. Read More

Persecution in America?

Persecution in America?

Click on the song to listen as you read.

American Anthem, a call to the nation American Anthem, a call to the nation

I feel a strong urgency in my heart to warn God’s people in America about the judgment and persecution that we may be about to face. The wind of Holiness is blowing across this land, and with it will come great change. We are about to experience an unprecedented visitation of His presence in our land. Read More

Let the Walls Fall Down!

Let the Walls Fall Down!

We are facing the greatest challenge in most of our lives in America, and obedience to God is the only way we will see the walls of oppression and control be destroyed. Read More

A Wind is Coming!

A Wind is Coming!

The Lord has been speaking to me recently about the importance of being ready. As I spoke of in my book, I see devastation, natural disasters, and terrorist strikes coming in the near future as God deals with the unrepentant. Read More

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