Prepare for Your Suddenly

Have you ever known or heard about someone who was struggling and suddenly their life changed for the better? Maybe they inherited a lot of money, won the lottery, or had a baby when they had been trying for years. Perhaps their suddenly was a breakthrough moment spiritually, or in the ministry. Suddenly a huge door opened for someone who had been faithfully ministering the word of God to a very small group even though they had heard God say that they were going to minister to great crowds, or overseas, etc. Maybe someone had been prophesied to that they had a great anointing for healing and hadn't seen a more than a healing or two for years. Then suddenly when they least expected it, they experienced a powerful flow of the Spirit of God, and several spontaneous healings occured.

What is your "suddenly" that you have been promised and not yet seen? How do you get from the promise to the fulfillment? Why do some people see the fulfillment of their God-given dreams and promises, and others don't?

Here are some simple keys that can help unlock those promises, dreams, visions, and prophecies in your life.

Key #1 - Faithfulness

Are you faithful with the little you have while you are waiting for the finished promise? Whatever God has you doing now, are you doing it with all your might? Are you continually developing your relationship with Jesus, putting Him before your wants and even your needs? Is loving and pleasing Him your number 1 priority in life?

Or... do you complain because you don't have what you believe you should, or haven't reached a particular goal? Do you miss out on the blessing of the lessons learned and the growth that could happen if you were thankful to Him in every situation of your life?

If we are falling short in this area, it could be that God knows that He can't yet trust us with more responsibility. We need to develop a solid love relationship with Him and become mature in our walk with Him.

Key #2 - Faith & Trust

Have we allowed Jesus to develop our faith so that we can trust Him when He tells us to move in a particular direction? Faith is a gift from God, but do we use our mustard seed faith enough to develop our "faith muscles"? Abraham had only that seed of faith when he began his journey to Canaan. He faltered in his faith several times along the way as God taught him valuable lessons in learning to trust Him. He didn't exercise his faith when he let the Egyptian king take his wife Sarai - telling the king she was his sister because he was afraid of being killed and not fulfilling his promise.

Abraham took matters into his own hands when he did this, and except for God's intervention, it could have ended in disaster. He did it again when he was faced with a similar situation, and God intervened again. Then he fathered Ishmael because he didn't fully believe that God's promise was for himself and his wife. He could have given up, but he kept pressing on, learning from his mistakes, and growing in his relationship with God. When it came to the biggest test of his life, Abraham had come to know and trust God, and knew His heart well enough to take Isaac to that mountain. He  had finally had developed the faith to believe God and trust Him with the son who was a promise fulfilled. Because of this, God called him righteous... and His friend.

Trust is developed through relationship. Faith comes by hearing His word, and trusting that God will keep His word.

Key #3 - Action

The third key to positioning yourself for receiving the promises of God is to get into motion. Whatever God tells you to do, do it. Even if it seems impossible.

In January of 2012, the Lord showed me that the acreage I had prayed and longed for would soon be a reality. I spoke it out. I prophesied it. Then when I felt the timing was right, my husband and I called our real estate agent, and we and began looking. We had no down payment money, and we couldn't qualify for a loan because of self-employment. The only way we could get a house at that time was if the owner agreed to finance it. Even with all the potential obstacles, I knew God was going to provide, because He said it was time. The second house we looked at, we were ready to make an offer on. It was a farmhouse style, built in the 80's, and not my style at all. We really loved the setting; 10 acres with a creek in the back, and I felt that this was the place for us. My husband agreed, and we decided that we would remodel and modernize it.

Within days, we had the money for a down payment and a major remodel. All God. We ran into a snag with the air conditioning system and needed an extra 10,000 dollars, and God provided it and more. Our purchase was on a 5 year note, due in full after 5 years. At the end of that balloon period, we would owe $184,000. In the meantime, we faithfully paid our mortgage on time every month. At times we struggled financially, and at times we got discouraged. Finally, the 5 year deadline was approaching, and we still had the issue of not being able to get a traditional mortgage so that we could refinance. One month before the deadline, we had a check for the balance of the note in our hands and paid it off early. Now we own the house free and clear, with no mortgage or debt. We took action by stepping out to look at properties, and gave God what little faith we had. He more than met us.

To those around us, our promise came as a suddenly. Only those close to us had seen the faith journey God had taken us on prior to buying our house. During the 5 years prior, He had allowed us to exercise those faith muscles on a regular basis. We had to see Him provide for us when it looked like there would be no provision. There were times when we didn't know where our rent was coming from, yet God always supplied all of our needs and paid the rent on time. By the time this promise was about to be fulfilled, we'd had a lot of practice in believing for the impossible and watching Him move on our behalf. We had to put our faith in action so that we could be positioned to receive His promise. Now, we are believing for millions of dollars for a project that will help many, many people. After what we have seen Him do, our faith is ready to possess this next promise that will surely look like a huge "suddenly" to those who are on the outside looking in.

Are you ready for your suddenly?

I want to encourage you to first develop the deepest relationship with the Lord you can. Listen to His voice. Do what He asks of you, even if it sometimes feels like it's going in the opposite direction. Once you know what your promise is, wait on the timing of the Lord, and when it comes, step out and possess the promise, taking hold of it by exercising that mustard seed of faith over and over again as He leads you. Then when the time comes, watch Him move mightily!